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Danny Goldfield

Photographer Danny Goldfield drives.

Photographer – Filmmaker – Speaker

Works with private, editorial, and commercial clients. Speaker at conferences and other events.


  1. 1 to INFINITY:  multimedia portrait series that will include one girl or woman, every age from a one year old all the way to infinity.
  2. NYChildren Photography: photograph one child from every country on earth, find each child living in New York City. 170 0f 193 completed.
  3. To Live 10,000 Years is 2 people (1 woman and 1 man) from each of the 50 United States, all at least 100 years old. 33 of 100 completed.
  4. Penelope & Clementine (Unpublished): An uncle hired me to photograph his two nieces and their parents once a year for the rest of my life. Project started in 2011, NYC.
  5. United States of Alternatives: A portrait photography exhibition created as a reaction to the seismic changes in the political landscape. Offers alternative insights into what the United States of America stands for today. Mash up of NYChildren, To Live 10,000 Years and 1 to Infinity.

12 bullets:

  • Projects profiled on LIFE magazine cover, CBS Evening News, BBC Worldwide, NY Times, AFP,Reuters, MSNBC, CNN Español, CNN, FOX, NHK Japan, People’s Daily China and many more;
  • Art in private and institutional collections; including Museum of Fine Arts, Houston;
  • 15 NYChildren Photography exhibitions (USA and International);
  • Author of NYChildren Photography. Launch at International Center of Photography bookstore;
  • Director of short films, including Apology to Josh (2k scan of 16 mm negative is done after all these years and being timed, so coming soon);
  • 10 years as Art Director on awarded feature films, tv commercials, and music videos;
  • Master in Fine Arts, American Film Institute Conservatory Directing Fellow, 2002;
  • Left NYC, worked various jobs, and wandered my way once around the world in 365 days;
  • Washington University in St. Louis, Bachelor of Science, 1990;
  • Choate Rosemary Hall, 1985;
  • Born in Fairfield CT;
  • Work in Cambridge MA, New York NY, and other places.

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